IT'S ALL FREE! Report Writing

As a new legal nurse consultant, you may be unfamiliar with easy ways to make your reports look more professional. Review four little details to learn  some easy ways to polish your reports. To make sure you identify all the facts in your reports,  5WH provides a framework for LNCs to do just that. And if you're  writing about wounds, wound sizing compares wounds to common objects, making it easier for attorneys and juries to understand how large the lesions are.

If you send your reports to attorneys electronically, read how to format your documents so that they look exactly how your meant them to look. And don't forget that you will need to organize all those reports on your computer. Learn how to folderize your computer files so that you can easily find your reports and letters to attorneys.

The most common types of reports that legal nurse consultants write are medical chronologies and medical summaries. Click on the hyperlinks to learn how to format these reports.

...Katy Jones