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Medical chronologies are appropriate reports for most types of medical legal cases.  Non-medical people arent used to flipping through charts to find the pertinent information related to patient allegations.  A medical chronology solves that problem by listing all pertinent information in chronological order.  Additionally, a medical chronology identifies information about each fact such as the provider and type of record.  This can assist the attorney and legal nurse consultant in locating the records later. 

Medical chronologies may summarize important information only, or may be a word-for-word transcription of selected entries, such as for treaters scheduled for deposition.  Legal nurse consultants create medical chronologies in table format, often using word processing software, such as Word or Word Perfect.  CaseMap, a database specific to the legal field, is another type of software used to create chronologies.

Skills Videos

Legal nurse consultants use many different formats for medical chronologies.  If you're unfamiliar with tables or chronologies, review these skills videos to see how to create this type of report.  I'll show you how to make a chronology using two different versions of Word.  The CaseMap medical chronology provides an overview and some of my favorite features of CaseMap.

Medical Chronology Word

Medical Chronology (CaseMap)

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