IT'S ALL FREE! Twitter Litter

As you know, Twitter is a microblog that limits its messages, called tweets, to 140 characters or less. Twitter litter is defined by the Urban Dictionary as posting needless information on the web that nobody wants to read about. So what should you post on Twitter to prevent your tweets from turning into twitter litter and to promote your legal nurse consultant business?

Actually, most of your tweets shouldn't be sales pitches. Social media experts suggest that you should tout your business once every seven to ten tweets.

What topics should you write about? Choose topics that are interesting to your clients or potential clients. There's nothing wrong with a few personal tweets but most of your clients aren't going to be interested in a tweet about your great-aunt Matilda who is visiting you from Duluth.

If you need inspiration to create tweets, join Twitter and follow clients or potential clients to see their tweets. That will tell you what their interests are. For the electronic equivalent of standing around a water cooler, enter keywords into Twitter Search to find what people are tweeting about. Join LinkedIn groups to find the most popular conversations and tweet the salient points. Use Google Alerts to send news updates to you on your topic(s) of choice. For example, employ Google Alerts to email you all news items for the previous 24 hours related to medical malpractice or your nursing specialty. Then tweet a link to a news item. But don't send just the link because no one will open it. Add the headline or a brief synopsis of the news item along with the link.

How often should you tweet? One social media guru suggests that you tweet 10 times a day. I feel that's too often and unfollow anyone that consistently tweets that much. Other than that, tweet at a rate that's comfortable for you.  I know some LNCs who tweet several times a day, some who tweet several times a week and some who tweet several times a month.

Follow the steps above and your messages will never be seen as Twitter litter!

...Katy Jones