IT'S ALL FREE! 4 Steps to Stop the Torpedo

Obtaining their first case is the goal of most new legal nurse consultants. If that sounds like you, you're probably spending much of your time marketing and networking. That's great, except that there's something that could torpedo your efforts. You can stop the torpedo in four steps.

The torpedo happens because new LNCs focus on marketing and nothing else. Once they get their first appointment with an attorney, they're flummoxed and unprepared. Don't let that happen to you. Here are four steps to help you prepare for this meeting long before that first appointment:

1) Decide what to wear. This sounds silly, but there are many potential fashion faux pas out there. A well-fitting business suit is perfect for appointments with attorneys.

2) Create what I call an attorney binder. For the binder, compile several copies of your marketing materials, including business cards.

3) Update your resume so that it includes knowledge of legal nurse consulting. See the sample resume here for an example that reflects this knowledge even without formal LNC experience. Add several copies of your resume to the attorney binder.

4) Create work product samples for your attorney binder. This is the hardest step for LNCs who have never reviewed a case, but it's also the most important. The case examples from your LNC course won't cut it. However, you can create work product samples based on a fictitious case to show attorneys your abilities to analyze a case.

Using these four steps will help you get ready for meetings with attorneys. Instead of panicking, you'll be able to pick up your attorney binder and go, looking like the professional that you are. You're going to get that first case!

...Katy Jones