IT'S ALL FREE! 3 Ways to Seal the Deal

Sealing the deal means coming to an agreement with your potential client or prospective employer.  Perceptive marketers use subtle ways to nudge prospects into taking action to seal the deal.  Here are three ways for legal nurse consultants to move potential clients and employers to seal the deal.

1) You're just finishing an interview for a dream job at a law firm.  You truly want this job, and you think you're the perfect candidate.  What can you do to help seal the deal?  Assist your prospective employer by leaving nothing open-ended before you walk out of the interview.  At the end of interview, tell the interviewer, "I would like this job.  Do you have any reservations about hiring me?"  You might get a positive response.  If so, congratulations!  If not, you now have another opportunity to state your case.  "You're right that I don't have law firm experience.  Would you agree that my chart review experience at the hospital would be a good foundation for chart review at this firm?"

2) You're discussing your services with an attorney who's a potential client.  The attorney seems interested but also skeptical.  What can help you to seal the deal?  Assist your potential clients by defining the LNC process, including them as if they're clients already.  "Here's how we'll get started.  We'll discuss each case briefly by phone.  Then you'll send me the medical records, either in paper or electronic format..." 

3) You have a website and other marketing materials that list your services.  They look professional, but no potential clients have contacted you yet.  What can help you to help seal the deal?  Ensure that all your marketing materials, including your website, contain a "call to action" to purchase your services.  A call to action is a word or phrase that urges the reader to take the next step immediately.  Examples of effective calls to action are, "Call today!", "Act Now!", and "The first 2 hours are free if you contact us now!"  For other examples of calls to action, click here.

There you have it.  These three easy tips will help you seal the deal with clients and potential employers.

...Katy Jones