Google Alerts for LNCs


IT'S ALL FREE! Google Alerts for LNCs

Would you like automatic notifications about potential clients or new legal nurse consultant positions?  Would you like to sneak a peak at what other legal nurse consultants are doing?  If so, Google Alerts is a free, quick, and easy way to get this information delivered to your email.  Here's how it works.

Google Alerts is a free service that monitors the internet for specific indicators and notifies you when new content is published.  It does that by responding to keywords, just as Google does when you're searching the internet.  In the case of Google Alerts, you set up the keywords and Google Alerts emails the results to you. 

To set up Google Alerts, go to  Then enter your desired keywords.  You can create as many different alerts as you want.  Your alerts may need a little tweaking if you get too many or not enough results.  If so, click on the settings icon and edit them.

That was easy, wasn't it?  Now you have a quick and easy way to get information about potential clients, jobs, and even other legal nurse consultants.

...Katy Jones