IT'S ALL FREE! In-House Legal Nurse Consultants

In-house Legal Nurse Consultants are employed full or part-time by a single employer in a variety of settings. Unlike expert LNCs, they never testify. Unlike independent LNCs, they never need to market their services.  In-house Legal Nurse Consultants are considered a part of the work team and they assist attorneys in a variety of ways and settings. To learn more about types of in-house LNC positions, click here.

Pros and Cons of Working In-House

Is an in-house LNC position right for you? Benefits of working as an in-house Legal Nurse Consultant vary depending on the setting but typically include:

  • A regular paycheck.

  • Flexibility to set own hours due to salaried position.

  • Benefits comparable to or better than hospitals.

  • More holidays off compared to hospitals due to court closings for state and federal holidays.

  • Bonuses for some in-house settings (such as law firms and corporate risk management.)

  • Regular Monday through Friday daytime work

  • No expectations for call/extra duty (such as hurricane duty for those in hurricane-prone areas.)

  • Drawbacks of working as an in-house Legal Nurse Consultant include:

  • There are far fewer in-house LNC positions than there are RN positions in general.

  • Salaried positions do not qualify for overtime.

  • Not as much flexibility with hours as an independent LNC position.

  • Less money than a high-producing independent LNC.

  • Five day work week compared to three 12 hours shifts for some  hospital RN

  • To read more about traits required for in-house LNCs, click on Desirable Traits.

    ...Katy Jones