IT'S ALL FREE! Tickle, Tickle, Tickle

Tickler systems, and their modern-day counterpart, reminder systems, are great ways for new legal nurse consultants to organize and prioritize case assignments, bill payments, invoices, and other things that can clutter a desktop.  A tickler system is a file system that is set up so that it "tickles" you into remembering important dates and projects. A reminder system is the electronic equivalent of a tickler system. Setting them up is easy.

You don't need a smidgen of technology to set up a tickler system. Label file folders so that you have one for each day of the month and one for each month of the year. Put your bills, invoices and other papers in appropriate folders to tickle your memory about deadlines. For example, if you have a bill that you want to pay on the 10th, put it in the folder marked ten.  On the tenth of the month, open the folder, view the bill, and pay it.  If you want to contact a client on a date two months from now, put a reminder note in the folder that corresponds to two months from now. I used this system for years before I owned a computer and it's one of the best low tech ways to organize your work - as long as you train yourself to look in your folders every business day.

Reminder systems are more high-tech. You can use an electronic calendar, either on your cell phone or computer, to send yourself reminders of important deadlines. Microsoft Outlook, Google and others allow you to schedule appointments and send yourself reminders.  If you like to make lists, TeuxDeux is a nifty program that's easy to use.  It lets you check off items when you complete them, a satisfyng way to see your progress as the day advances. For the ultimate reminder program, consider Evernote. Evernote is a free program that eliminates those sticky notes that are used as reminders. Evernote works with computers, mobile devices, and phones to capture your ideas and make them available wherever you go. And unlike some software programs, Evernote works on Mac computers.

No matter which tickler or reminder system you use, remember to allow yourself enough time to complete your project on or before your client's deadline. And remember to calendar other events that don't have deadlines but are important to your legal nurse consulting business, such as attendance at networking meetings

...Katy Jones