IT'S ALL FREE! Marketing is Like Dating...Really!

Marketing your LNC services is a lot like dating.  Really!  Even if you're like me and haven't dated in a long time (in my case because I've been married for decades), you'll see how those dating memories can help you land clients for your legal nurse consulting business.

Finding the Ideal Date

In terms of dating, most of us have an image of our ideal mate's demographics and traits. We avoid dating those without those characteristics. For example, an athletic person who likes outdoor activities, dancing, hiking, and playing volleyball is probably not going to want to date a person who is sedentary.

In terms of marketing, potential clients are looking for that ideal person too. Maybe you, as a new legal nurse consultant, feel that you can meet the LNC needs of all types of clients, but clients probably don't feel that way about you. That's why it's important to do a self-assessment of your strengths and to select a target audience that matches those strengths. What characteristics do you have that make you the uniquely perfect LNC for your potential clients? What makes you different from other legal nurse consultants? Once you identify your unique characteristics, write them down to form the basis of your marketing materials.

Appearances Matter

The dating world can be cruel when it comes to physical appearances. Those who are frumpy, disheveled, or have poor hygiene often aren't seen as ideal dating material, even if they have other wonderful qualities.

Potential clients aren't cruel but they are discerning. If you send them a brochure, it needs to not only be informative but look good too. If you draw potential clients into your website, it needs to look professional. Anything less results in the loss of the potential client.

Love at First Sight

Love at first sight happens but most of us don't marry the person of our dreams on the first date. People date at least a few times before they decide to take the plunge. And many of us date for a long time before we make a big commitment.

Expecting to land a client after one marketing attempt is the equivalent of marrying after the first date. Most of us have to market our services repeatedly and follow-up multiple times before a client takes the plunge.

What Works for Some Doesn't Work for Others

The bar scene works for some people to get dates. Others prefer to find their match online, at their place of worship, or while pursuing their hobbies. There are many places to meet others. Conversely, not all dating strategies work for all people.

Not all marketing strategies work for all legal nurse consultants either. Some LNCs swear by direct mail or email campaigns. Others have no luck with those strategies but have success with others, such as networking or exhibiting at attorney conferences.  If your LNC marketing efforts aren't producing the results you want, try a different strategy.

It's Not All About You

Dating is a time of learning about the other person and the other person learning about you. Isn't it exciting when a someone you're dating wants to spend more time with you? But isn't it a drag when all they do is talk about themselves?

By necessity, your marketing materials are written about you. But if your materials don't address your potential clients' problems, it's the same as those dates who never shut up about themselves. Listen to your potential clients and make sure your marketing materials address solutions to their problems.

...Katy Jones