LNC Lessons from American Idol



LNCtips.com: LNC Lessons from American Idol

Whether they love it, hate it, or have never seen it, new legal nurse consultants can learn from the contestants' experiences on American Idol.  American Idol has stages, which we can compare to the development of new legal nurse consultants.  So let's look at American Idol and see what lessons it has to offer.

American Idol is a singing contest.  Contestants sing first to judges and later to television and live audiences who vote for their favorites in the realty show.  The judges and audience eliminate contestants regularly until just one singer remains - the American Idol.

Legal nurse consultants don't sing for a living and they don't compete in a realty show.  But the process they go through from the start of their careers as LNCs to becoming successful legal nurse consultants is similar to the American Idol experience.

The American Idol experience consists of three phases: the audition, Hollywood week, and elimination rounds.

Phase American Idol Lessons for New LNCs
Audition Thousands sing in auditions to capture their dream of stardom. Most never make it to the next round. They're not as talented as they think they are. Thousands take classes to follow a dream of becoming an LNC who earns big bucks. Many believe that clients will flock to their doors because the LNCs don't understand the time requirement to obtain clients. Many LNCs are poorly prepared to generate work product. They never get past this first stage and they never make any money.
Hollywood Week Hollywood Week showcases many talented people.  However, it's a crowded field and only the 10 persons with standout performances go on to the next round. Those who are left as new LNCs realize that success involves work, including marketing and skill in creating work product.  Successful LNCs, like their American Idol counterparts, stand out in a crowd in terms of their tenacity and abilities.
Elimination Rounds In the elimination rounds, the audience votes off contestants that don't perform well. Sometimes even talented contestants are voted off because they don't have a fan base of voters.  Ultimately, the audience votes for one person who becomes the American Idol. Developing a "fan base" through networking and social media can enhance the new legal nurse consultant's ability to get and keep clients.  Luckily, this is where the development of LNCs diverges from American Idol.  There are many successful legal nurse consultants, not just one.

...Katy Jones