IT'S ALL FREE! Legal Symbols

As a new legal nurse consultant, you're probably aware of some legal symbols, such as a "c" with the circle around it that represents a copyright. However, there are several legal symbols that law firms use regularly in medical malpractice litigation.  Let's take a look at a handful of  symbols and how they're used in the legal field.

Legal Symbol Use of Symbol


The mathematical symbol for pi (far left) and the two shorthand symbols signify the Plaintiff.


The Greek letter Delta, a triangle, is a shorthand symbol for the Defendant.

This is the section symbol and is also known as the "double S". It refers to a section of a document, such as statutes, within case law documents.

When you double the section symbol, it's read as "sections."

Pilcrow is the name of this symbol which is also known as the paragraph symbol. Fittingly, lawyers use the pilcrow to identify a paragraph of a legal citation.


You know this symbol as the "and" sign.  Its technical name is the ampersand. Law firms frequently use the ampersand in shorthand and in their company names, e.g, Jones Jones & Jones.

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