IT'S ALL FREE! Inbound Marketing for LNCs

Whether you're new to legal nurse consulting or a seasoned LNC, inbound marketing can bring you clients.  You're probably less familiar with inbound marketing than traditional marketing.  With traditional marketing, you search for potential clients.  You know the kind of traditional marketing I mean - the kind that seems like it's thrown away (direct mail), evaded (cold calls), or tuned out (advertising).  Inbound marketing is less expensive, more effective, and, in the case of cold calls, easier on your psyche.

Traditional marketing interrupts whatever your potential clients are doing and says, "Look at me!  Look what I can do for you!"  Unlike traditional marketing, inbound marketing works by creating content that clients are looking for.  Inbound marketing means that customers search the internet for a particular product or service.  Customers could be looking for tacos, muffler repair, or a legal nurse consultant to review a case.  Inbound marketing is effective because potential clients have already decided that they need the services you're offering.

With inbound marketing, you want a link to your business to appear when potential clients search for LNC services.  You also want the information to be enticing enough for potential clients to click on the link that pops up.  In most instances, that means you'll need a website that identifies your services.  However, it can't be just any old website.  Your website needs to be optimized, unique to your background and capabilities, and geared toward meeting your potential clients' needs. 

For example, let's say that you have experience in labor and delivery.  To attract potential clients, ensure that your website mentions your experience with common labor and delivery problems, such as cerebral palsy, cerebral anoxia, shoulder dystocia, and other birth injuries.  An attorney is much more likely to search for one of those terms than for the words "labor and delivery."  If you're unsure of what words to use, Google the terms "medical malpractice" and your  area(s) of expertise, such as emergency room, pediatrics, orthopedics, etc.

Don't think that inbound marketing is a snap because it's not.  Like traditional marketing, inbound marketing isn't a one-time deal.  A website is static so it helps to use additional methods to draw potential clients to it.  These methods include other inbound marketing strategies such as blogs, white papers, opt-in eNewsletters, podcasts, eBooks, and participation in social media. And you may want to continue to market using traditional methods, too. It works well for some legal nurse consultants.

The art of marketing is to keep your name in front of clients.  And inbound marketing helps you do just that.

...Katy Jones