IT'S ALL FREE! Email Address Hierarchy

As a legal nurse consultant, your email address can be a marketing tool for your business. Or, your email address can signal potential clients that you're not serious about your business or legal nurse consulting.

I've created a hierarchy of effectiveness for LNC email addresses. Let's start with an example of the most effective type of email address first and work our way down in terms of effectiveness. such as BrendaSmith@SmithLegalSolutions. Why is this a good email address? It not only has your name and the name of the business but it also alerts your potential clients that you have a website,  It makes it easy for others to check out your qualifications on the website.  Variations of this email address, such as Your First Name @ Your Business Name .com, Your First Initial Last Name @ Your Business Name .com, and Your Last Name @ Your Business Name. com, are also at the top of the effectiveness hierarchy. such as  This tells potential clients that you don't have a website. But this is the next most effective type of email address because you have the name of your business in the address. such as This email address doesn't name your business and definitely looks like a personal email address. There's nothing wrong with having personal email addresses, but don't use them for business when you're trying to build your LNC practice. If you want prospective clients to take your business seriously, use a business email address. Most internet service providers and internet mail services will allow you to set up multiple email addresses, so create a business email address that moves you up on the effectiveness scale. If you're afraid that you won't be able to keep your personal and business email addresses straight, forward all your messages to your personal email address. That way, you'll know that you have an email related to your business. Just remember to respond to business emails from your business email address. Microsoft Outlook and many internet mail services, such as G-mail, give subscribers the option to respond with any of their email addresses, which makes it easier to keep multiple email addresses straight. such as Don't laugh! I've seen some LNC email addresses similar to this one. It's obviously the least effective type of email address because it's inappropriate and unprofessional to use for business...unless your business is something other than legal nurse consulting.

...Katy Jones