IT'S ALL FREE! Best Time to Land an LNC Job

October and November are two of the best months for potential in-house legal nurse consultants to land a job.  Independent LNCs can also pick up additional clients during this time. Why? The answer might surprise you.

Most law firms give bonuses to their employees during the holidays. Annual raises might also be provided then. Law firms aren't like hospitals when it comes to raises. Law firms don't give raises on the employee's anniversary date. And unlike hospitals, many law firms don't give raises to poor performers. In fact, poor performers (including LNCs) are often terminated in October or November so that they're not rewarded for their lackluster performance.

Some law firms will hire replacements right away which provides an opportunity for legal nurse consultants seeking permanent in-house positions.  Other law firms will wait until after the holidays are over. This provides an opportunity for independent LNCs to obtain temporary assignments until the new in-house employees are on board.

On the other hand, high performing legal nurse consultants who aren't happy in their current positions won't quit their jobs until after the start of the new year. Those LNCs want their raises and bonuses. This means that there will be less competition for October and November job openings. Because the high-performing group of LNCs will leave for new positions, it also means that the start of the new year is another good time for temporary independent and permanent in-house LNC work at law firms.

Does this mean that LNC opportunities are available only at these times of the year? Of course not. Opportunities for independent and in-house LNCs occur throughout the year. But now is a great time to start your search.

...Katy Jones