IT'S ALL FREE! Networking for LNCs

Networking is one of the most powerful ways to build an independent legal nurse consulting business.  In business terms, networking involves making contacts with prospective clients with the intent of buying and selling services.  When you network, prospective clients get to know you and like you. They do business with you because they like and trust you.

You won't generate business immediately through networking.  Repeated contacts with your prospective clients are often necessary.  For that reason, many LNCs join specific groups or organizations.  The trick to making networking work is to become actively involved in the organization. Becoming involved is more than just paying yearly dues.  It means attending meetings, joining committees, and volunteering for special projects.  That's how other members get to know you.

Which networking group(s) should you join?  Pick a group that will help bring you business.  One group might be the professional association of your target market group, such as the local chapter of the Bar Association.  These groups will often let you join as a non-voting member.

Another type of group to join is a business referral group such as BNI.  You WILL get business if you join a referral group.  These groups meet weekly and have limits on which types of business owners they will accept.  The meetings are very structured - you will be given assignments and will be expected to complete them.  You must also generate business leads for other members in the group.

A final type of group to join which may bring you business but which can also help you grow in your field is a professional association such as the American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants.  Attendance at local and national educational meetings may provide you insight into owning and growing a business and obtaining information about clients.  For your local chapter, joining a committee or volunteering for a special project (and then following through on your commitments) can forge great networking relationships.

And don't forget electronic networking.  With groups such as LinkedIn and Facebook Pages, you can connect with other LNCs and potential clients.

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