IT'S ALL FREE! LNC Job Sources

Looking for a legal nurse consultant job in the newspaper classifieds will probably be fruitless. Your search for work will depend on whether you are seeking expert, in-house or independent work.

Other legal nurse consultants can be an excellent source to find work no matter what type of LNC work you are looking for. If you don't know any other LNCs, join your local AALNC chapter. Some chapters have access to unadvertised job postings which they share with their members. Even if the local chapter doesn't offer this service, individual members might know of employers who need Legal Nurse Consultants.

Legal nurse consultants opting for an in-house position can search the internet to find a position. Try classic sites such as Monster and CareerBuilder. Other sites such as LawJobs, Indeed, and SimplyHired are also great. Use the terms "legal nurse" or "nurse paralegal" (in quotes) or you'll end up viewing a ton of nursing positions from traditional health care settings.

If you're striving to become an expert legal nurse consultant, one good way to let others know is to join AALNC and list yourself on its LNC Locator webpage. You also join groups on LinkedIn and let other members know about your expertise. Once you've established yourself as an expert, word of mouth from satisfied clients will be a major source of expert work. Be wary of any service in which you have to pay to have your name listed as an expert as this may be interpreted as being a "hired gun."

...Katy Jones