Expert LNC Desirable Traits


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Not all legal nurse consultants meet the requirements to be a nurse expert.  There are some qualifications that LNCs should have to be considered an expert.

The more (appropriate) degrees the better.  If youre a nurse with a two year degree, you might have a difficult time marketing yourself as an expert. If you have advanced degrees, but they are in a non-nursing field, you may also have difficulty marketing yourself as a nursing expert.

Knowledgeable in your clinical field. One would think that this would be obvious but some nurses convince themselves that they have expertise that they don't have. And they sometimes convince attorneys as well, to the possible detriment of the case. Before accepting a case, LNCs should review the pertinent allegations to determine if they are knowledgeable in that particular area.

Experience in the clinical area. This also seems obvious, but LNCs might have difficulty marketing themselves as an expert if they only have a few years of experience. Generally, the more experience the better.  Also, legal nurse consultants with 30 years of experience working with 15 different patient populations are not as desirable for expert work as the nurse who has worked 30 years in one field.

Communication Skills. LNCs will need to be able to explain their opinions effectively in terms that a jury will understand. 

CV and Fee Schedule.  Legal nurse consultants should create a CV and fee schedule prior to marketing themselves as an expert. These are two different documents. To learn more about creating a CV, click here. To learn more about fee schedules, click here.

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