IT'S ALL FREE! Creating a CV

A CV (curriculum vitae) is used by expert legal nurse consultants. It lists education, every job held since graduation from nursing school, every conference attended, all professional and academic presentations given, grants received, professional articles and books written, professional affiliations, certifications, and honors. Unlike a resume, a CV does not include descriptions about job responsibilities.  

At one time it was common practice to list personal information such as age, marital status and children on a CV.  That is no longer the case.  Name, address, phone number and email address should be the only personal information needed.

For experts, the CV is used by opposing counsel to validate credentials at deposition.  It's important that the CV is as accurate and thorough as possible. 

Since a CV is composed of just groups of lists, it's fairly easy to create one as long as the legal nurse consultant has a good memory about past accomplishments and the CV is kept current.  It is formatted with personal information at the top and the remaining information in reverse chronological order by group (education, positions, etc.) .  Unlike resumes, CVs do not have to be, and should not be, individualized to any particular audience.

Sample CV

Review this CV to view how a legal nurse consultant expert outlined her qualifications. Note that she groups her education, employment, and other credentials into lists. There are no descriptions of her responsibilities as you would see in a resume. The formatting includes her personal information at the top with the remaining information grouped in reverse chronological order.

...Katy Jones