30-Second Commercial



LNCtips.com: 30-Second Commercial

Independent Legal Nurse Consultants often have to promote their business to others.  LNCs have no more than 30 seconds to make a positive impression on new contacts and prospective clients.  A 30-second commercial is a brief description of your business.  It is meant to both inform the new contact about your services and to stimulate interest in them.

Your 30-second commercial should include the following:

  • Your name

  • The name of your business

  • A brief description of your business and how it can help your target audience.

Here's a sample 30-second commercial for use with attorneys:

My name is ABC, president of XYZ Consulting. I'm a nurse who helps attorneys get the best possible results in medical malpractice cases.  I analyze medical records for doctor and nurse mistakes that have caused bad patient outcomes and provide attorneys with detailed reports about the medical implications of the records.

If you are networking with other Legal Nurse Consultants, you should alter your 30-second commercial to fit that audience:

I'm ABC, president of XYZ Consulting.  I'm an independent Legal Nurse Consultant with 30 years of clinical experience who's available for subcontractor work with law firms that require a quick turnaround time. I have particular expertise in medical malpractice and nursing home litigation from the start of the case through trial.

...Katy Jones