IT'S ALL FREE! Medical Chronology 2003

One of the most common types of reports created by legal nurse consultants is the medical chronology. A good medical chronology provides a detailed timeline of the pertinent medical events of the case.

Medical chronologies are usually created in table format using word processing software, such as Microsoft Word. Since new LNCs may not be accustomed to creating tables, this 2½ minute video provides an overview of this process. Word 2003.

This video depicts a very simple chronology about an antibiotic that was ordered for a patient who was allergic to the medication. Normally, identifying information (age, full name, gender, etc.) is included in a chronology. In this example, it has been left off for the sake of brevity. Like all of the samples and examples on,  the names and circumstances are fictitious.

Note: If the video seems  too small to view, click on the four arrow symbol at the top of the video just to the right of the timer that looks like this:          This will enlarge the video to full screen. This interactive video uses flash, which can be viewed on a desktop PC or Mac using a browser such as Chrome.

...Katy Jones